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Schneider Electric 10mm Clip On Earth Din Terminal

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Linergy TR is terminal block for Linergy. It belongs to linergy earth terminal block with 10 mm² nominal cross section. It has green-yellow surface treatment. Mounting by clip-on and sideways connection by single-level 1×1 screw terminals. It could be connection and disconnection by screwdriver. It is compatible with spacial enclosures for Prisma G, Prisma P, Pragma, Prisma PH, Prisma Pack, Spacial, Kaedra, TeSys. Sold in lots of 50 units. Ambient air temperature for operation is from -40 to 130 °C conforming to IEC 60216-1 and VDE 0304-T21. Multi standards certified (ATEX, CSA, cURus, DNV, GL, LR, VDE, IEC-Ex, EAC). It is compliant with Green Premium (RoHS/REACH).

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Weight 0.013 kg
Dimensions 6.8 × 1 × 4.7 cm