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12 Way 125A 3 Phase B Type Board Incomer Not Included

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Protek Electronics original ‘Titan’ series of three phase boards are still widely regarded as one of the most durable and configurable available in the UK market place today. Building on the strength of the ‘Titan’ series, Protek have now re-designed the original board to meet todays ever increasing demands.


  • Fully rated 125A.
  • Removable blank gland plates top and bottom. Cables can be glanded where needed.
  • Full length earth and neutral bars both sides* allowing RCBOs to be fitted anywhere inside the board.
  • Raised, removable and slotted pan assembly to facilitate easy wiring.
  • Accepts Proteks 10kA range of HD MCBs and auxiliary devices, utilising a half din rail system to ensure all devices line up thus reducing installation time.
  • Accepts Proteks 10kA range of RCBOs and SRCBOs.
  • Accepts Proteks unique busbar shrouds which guarantees all live busbar stabs are free from human contact should the board be worked upon live.
  • 18th Edition ready. Surge protection kits fit internally. and are designed to avoid losing out going ways.
  • Powder coated epoxy finish RAL 7035. Key lockable door for extra security.
  • Removable Door reduces installation time.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 69 × 46 × 12 cm