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Finder 8 Pin Relay 24vdc

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The Finder DPDT is a 2-pole non-latching PCB or socket mount relay is actuated with the help of a 24VDC coil and up to 8A DC/AC current through the coil for the relay to switch positions. It is a miniature type standard plug-in relay. This relay has silver alloy contact for high electrical endurance.

Features and Benefits


• Environmental friendly product
• Isolation voltage between the coil and contacts is 6KVAC
• Service temperature range between -40°C and 85°C
• High mechanical endurance and life expectancy of 10M cycles
• Resistant to vibration and abrasion
• Shock resistant
• Low power consumption
• Offers excellent board space saving




• Used as a control device
• Automotive industry
• Household appliances
• Industrial machinery
• Telecommunication

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