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Duracell Rechargable AA HR6 2500mAh Batteries Pk4

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These all-new AA rechargeable batteries are a perfect example of that commitment. Thanks to cutting-edge technology, these cells will save you hundreds over alkaline batteries and provide longer running times for high demand devices when compared to less advanced NiMH batteries. That makes them a great choice for flashlights, game controllers and other gadgets that drain conventional batteries quickly.

Ion Core™ technology provides these AA cells with an extremely long life span. In fact, these rugged batteries carry a 5-year replacement warranty and can be recharged up to 400 times. An exceptionally high-density core provides a full 2500mAh capacity, while Duracell’s Duralock Power Preserve™ technology gives the cells the ability to retain a charge for up to a full year in storage. With all these features, they’re still fully compatible with standard NiMH chargers.

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